wander management systems


Striking a balance between security and freedom in a senior living facility is difficult. ResidentGuard enables both by allowing residents the mobility they need, without sacrificing safety.

Touch Series

The Intercall Touch Series is a modern nurse call system offering easy communication and management of patient care.

Wander Tag

Accutech’s “wander wearable” is a less institutional, waterproof, wearable style device designed exclusively for its wander management solution, ResidentGuard. The wristband/tag combination protects wander-prone residents when used in combination with alarms and other security features.


The ID-TAD is a handheld device that brings additional functionality to all Accutech systems. Staff can turn tags on/off, verify tag numbers, review warranty dates and check remaining battery life from an LCD screen.The ID-TAD is rechargeable via a lithium-ion battery.

Test Tag Station

The tag test station gives current and future users the ability to see the remaining battery life and warranty date on ny resident tags. The tag test Station also allows users to see the tag program number, battery percentage and has a field for notes.

418MHz Frequency

Operates at a unique frequency (418 MHz) on the edge of a range available only to the Department of Defense. The ID code on the RFID chip in addition to the unusual frequency it is transmitted on combine to make ResidentGuard the most reliable wander management system available.