Independent Living Ireland

We are a social enterprise that provides technology products and services to assist the vulnerable members of our communities. Assistive technologies can support the elderly, disabled or those recovering from a stay in hospital. These products assist those in need to live safely in their homes by reducing the risks of fire and flood and improving security.

Our systems also extend to care organisations, carers in the home and family members. Ranging from large nursecall systems for hospitals and nursing homes to communication tools allowing family members to keep in contact with their loved ones. Business surpluses generated from the sale of our products and services are redistributed back to the community helping to create a sustainable economic system to support the most disadvantaged members of society.

Our Amicitia social hub in Athenry is an example of this with a wide range of community-led initiatives such as dementia tea mornings, a community garden and markets. More details can be found on our website

Who We Are

ILI install and service a wide range of technology devices to assist the elderly, disabled or those discharged from hospital. Our services allow people to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life in which ever care environment they are living in.
We provide an end-to-end service for the vulnerable members of our communities and their carers. These services include bespoke risk and needs assessment, procurement of the best available products on the market and ongoing maintenance services.
We are actively seeking social partnerships with community groups, charities and nonprofits. Our work in this area includes a partnership with CAMCAS in the Cavan/Monaghan region.

Our Clients