The One Touch alarm is a personal monitoring system, which unlike many traditional services allows the wearer to travel far outside their home. It operates using the mobile phone network and allows the end user to continue living at home without any restrictions. The One Touch personal alarm uses a roaming SIM, so is not restricted to one mobile phone network. Therefore, there is less risk of the personal alarm being out of signal in an emergency, as the device will use whichever mobile signal is the strongest. Unlike a mobile, the personal alarm calls up to 3 pre-programmed emergency contacts simultaneously. When one answers, the others are informed that the call has been taken.


Lightweight and tactile

Water and dust resistant to IP54, meaning that it is protected from dust and rain in everyday use

Calls multiple people at the same time with one press of the button

If pressed, the user will activate a two-way, clear and auditable conversation with the responder

Comes with a quick release, anti-ligature cord to ensure the wearer is not injured by the device in the event of a fall

Can also be worn on the wrist or on a keyring

Charged via a handy cradle approximately every 3 days if not activated

Fully recharged in 2 to 4 hours

Device sends an email to the responders should the device battery be low

Available in a choice of 4 colours

Can be used in 28 European countries