The Geemarc corded Photophone 100 is the perfect landline phone for people who have difficulty remembering phone numbers, have trouble with their hearing and eyesight or who require a big button telephone. Not only are the buttons really large, but pictures of friends and family can be inserted so you can simply press the photo to call the person. The PhotoPhone100 is also amplified, going up to 30dB, with volume control. The pitch of the telephone can be adjusted to your own hearing loss. It is also fully hearing aid compatible and includes an extra loud adjustable speakerphone.

 Product Features:

Adjustable receiving volume (up to 30dB)

Adjustable tone control (up to 10dB)

Maximum ringer volume- 80dB

Handsfree speakerphone3 one-touch memory buttons8 photo ID memory buttons (the pictures can be customised or remplaced)

Big Button Keypad

Extra clear numbers for optimal contrast

Unique ergonomic design for ease of use Visual ringer indicator

Adjustable ringer level (Hi/Low/Off)

Wall mountable Flash/RedialMutePulse/Tone