wireless solutions


For over 60 years, Chubb have delivered one of the most reliable and cost-effective wireless nurse call solutions, providing support and reassurance to those living and working in nursing and residential care homes.


The room units have been designed by specialists. With their slim modern design features and user-friendly colour-coded buttons, they are easy to use when calling for assistance. Their portable design also means flexibility for users, as units can be removed from the wall, and also benefit from extended battery life.


This wireless solution ensures residents are provided with a simple, clear means of calling for assistance, while staff can rest assured they will be instantly alerted to calls wherever they are in the building.

01  flexibility

When a call is triggered, this intelligent system knows where the nearest nurse or carer is and directs the call to them. This saves response time and gives residents added peace of mind.

02  reporting

Supervisors now have the ability to monitor the care volume and response times by individual, allowing greater control over staff allocation and client needs.

03  management

Care home managers have visuals on the level of care provided via the online nurse station. The nurse station is accessible remotely via an internet connection 24/7.


The Care Call solution is flexible, and you can add to or upgrade it at your own convenience. It is also developed to be backward compatible with the Chubb Companion Nurse Call system.

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